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Terms and conditions of delivery

These terms and conditions of delivery relate to all products and services provided by Steelit Security Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Steelit, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1. Professional
Steelit aims to perform all its tasks and provide all its services with the utmost care and professionalism. All our products are thoroughly tested and of excellent quality.

All and every quote given by Steelit is non-obligatory. Statements made such as product specifications or otherwise are made as accurately as possible. The quote is valid for a period of one calendar month calculated from the date stated on the quotation. This agreement is of automatic effect once Steelit received written confirmation from the customer.

3. Delivery Time
Delivery and installation timescales are given as accurately as possible. Such timescales are calculated from the time that the customer has met its first obligation such as the provision of written confirmation and, if applicable, an agreed payment on account. In the event of delay of delivery and/or installation, Steelit shall inform the customer as soon as practicable. If Steelit does not meet its obligations within a reasonable time, the customer is entitled to cancel the order free of charge and/or fines. The customer is never entitled to any compensation resulting from any direct or indirect damage which may have been caused by the delay in delivery and/or installation. Delivery of the products takes place in agreement with the customer. If the customer is not able to take delivery of the products at the agreed time, Steelit has the right to levy additional charges for transport, storage and risk.

4. Cancellation
Once the order has been placed in writing, the customer compels Steelit to acquire and customise the goods. In the event of cancellation of the order, Steelit has the right to charge 15% of the sale price. This is excluding transport and installation charges.

5. Confidentiality
Both parties agree to keep all information which, divulged to third parties, may cause damage to either parties, strictly confidential.

6. Payment term
Steelit maintains a payment term of thirty days, calculated from the date of the invoice. When the payment terms as been exceeded Steelit has the right to charge 1% interest on the total sale price per month or part of the month that the payment term has been exceeded, plus any collection charges which Steelit may incur.

7. Ownership
The customer is not the formal owner of the products until all payment obligations have been met in full. Until such time, the product remains in the ownership of Steelit and Steellit has the right, without any legal recourse and despite any possible moratorium of payment or bankruptcy proceedings, to reclaim the supplied products whether or not in such products have been fully installed or connected to other goods or materials in any way.

8. Guarantee
The guarantee applicable to the products or parts of the products or the services provided by Steelit entitles, when applicable, the customer only to replacement goods, parts of the goods, repair or the re-supply of services, at the discretion of Steelit. The guarantee is effective for one fixed calendar year from the date of delivery. If, in the opinion of Steelit, it is not possible to repair or replace the defective product, the original price paid by the customer shall be refunded. Amendments or repairs effected to the product by third parties other than Steelit, as well as the unreasonable and misuse of the product, immediately and unequivocally renders the guarantee as set out herein void. The guarantee is also void if the customer does not meet its obligations or any part thereof towards Steelit or does not meet such obligations or part thereof within a reasonable timescale, including but not exclusively payment of the agreed fee. In the event of, under the terms of this guarantee, new goods or parts of goods are supplied then ownership of the original goods or parts of goods automatically vest in Steelit upon delivery to the customer of the new goods or parts of goods.

9. Liability
In the event of accountable shortcomings in relation to this agreement, Steelit is only liable to provide compensation in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in clause 8 above, in other words, compensation in connection to damage caused by incomplete and/or omitted services. All liability of Steelit for any other form of compensation of supplemental compensation, compensation regarding direct or indirect damage or follow up damage, foreseeable or not, material or immaterial, as well as damage caused by delays, is expressly excluded insofar as this is in accordance with the Dutch law. Steelit will not be liable for any damage caused to the product delivered by Steelit, whether burglary damage or any other damage and whether or not such damage occurred at the customer's premises or at the premises of a third party or parties. Steelit is not liable for any damage occurring during transport or installation, direct or indirect. The Steelit compartment is not suitable for the storage of living organisms.

10. Jurisdiction
This agreement falls under the Dutch law and the Courts of the Netherlands.